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July 8, 2012
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.Tanaka Alo. by MizumiHisui .Tanaka Alo. by MizumiHisui
Edit :iconsparklesplz:

Trying for :icontachikawa-high: With chouko and sponge habbu :iconrlyplz: *crosses fingers* I have more stuff to add later... longest app of life //sob

Name: Tanaka, Alo
Nickname: Aroro
Gender: Male
Age: 17 (august 11)
Grade: Third year
Dormitory: Hakuryo Senior A

+ Big hoodies
+ sports (mostly soccer, swimming ballet )
+ Music and big headphones
+ Close friends
+ Most pink things and people (Another thing he wouldn't admit)
+ Doing what he wants without being judged for it
+ When people are impressed withany of the manly things he does |D
+ Being called cute eue he won't admit it

- Being seen as a weak person
- Being the "new kid" in school
- Grapes because as a kid he choked on one in public. and the cafeteria lady had to give him the heimlich maneuver //kicked*
- People who always want to be left alone
- Being less manly then a girl xD

> Warm hearted/ creative/ Weird/ Funny/ Outgoing/ Happy/ sweet/ energetic/ Caring/ Easily manipulated/ Competitive/ Teamplayer

Alo grew up in a small neighborhood with both his parents. His mom was a secretary for a wealthy business, his dad owned a small jewellery store. He was a normal kid who liked playing soccer and being outside with his family. He led a simple life at first, then things got more exciting when his parents brought him to a ballet concert, against his will. This is where he first laid eyes on La, his current bestfriend and childhood crush. Luckily for him, his parents we're friends with La's parents, and they instantly became friends too. Alo even signed up to be in the same Ballet class as La, being the only boy there.

They became inseperable bestfriends, and Alo did whatever La wanted ( Let her paint his nails, ear piercing (inadditionalinfo), spas, dress up, chick flicks.) As they got older though, Alo made her promise not to talk about their childhood to anyone at school, who would make fun of him for it. He got into soccer more and quit ballet because it was "too girly" for his image. But he continued to do girly things that La asked him, in secret.

On Alo's 13 birthday he was excited to go home he had summer school idk and celebrate with his parents. To his suprise no one was home, and conveniantly he had forgot his key. He waited for hours but no one ever came. He had no where to go but La's house which was not too much of a far walk away. When he got there he was so upset... But La and her parents made it better by baking a cake and celebrating together.

He ended up sleeping at their house. La's parents got the phone call from Alos mom a few hours after Alo fell asleep. His mom had been caught cheating by her husband, having an affair with her wealthy boss. When Alo's father found out, they got into a huge fight. The next day when La's parents drove Alo home, he found only his mom at home. His father had left, and with that was the start of a divorce for his parents.

Alo was devastated for a while, having only La to confide in. After the divorce, his father's jewelery business wasn't doing so well and he moved into a small apartment, rarely ever calling to check up on Alo. While his mother, Remarried, to the man she had been cheating with. He became Alo's step father. This man had good intentions and no kids of his own. He tried very hard to be a good father to Alo, but the boy didn't want a "new" father. He wanted his old family back.

Three years passed and Alo had finally turned 16. He found out La was changing schools, to attend Tachikawa high. He couldn't imagine being seperated from her, so he did what any self respecting man would do... He swallowed his pride and begged his "daddy" for the money to go to the same school as his friend. He was suprised when his step dad agreed.

" Anything for you, son"

And so he packed his bags and headed out to be with the one thing of happiness his childhood had, La.

Additional info:
> EXTREMELY over romantic... He's the guy who sings corny love songs underneath his girls window, brings her flowers for no reason, quotes scenes from the notebook...

> He says he could never handle a relationship and that's why he's never had a girlfriend, but truth is he's never met anyone who caught his interest other then his childhood friend, La. Who thinks he's gay FRIEDNZONEDTOTHEMAX

> He has only one ear pierced because when he was a kid, La wanted him to go with her to get her ears pierced and when they got there she got scared it would hurt. So Alo being the manly man he is said he would get his ears pierced to prove to her it didn't hurt and BAM! Insert manly pride loss from screaming and crying like a little girl.

> Took ballet growing up but would never admit it. He still helps La practice sometimes.

> Won't bring up much conversations of his childhood, Mostly because the first half is embarrassing and the second half reminds him of sad moments.

> Hates being seen in a weak or embarrassing state (crying, sad, hurt, frustrated, watching chick flicks//kicked)

> Guilty pleasure for cookie dough icecream~

> Gets really embarrassed or shy around female teachers.

> As much as he tries to get along with the guys, he's usually the awkward one who has a hard time fitting in and being manly.

> LA for all you people who are wondering -

Will you keep smiling for me?


:heart: Girlfriend: :heart:
Kuchiki, Kisa :
Alo didn't think he'd ever be happy and in love ever again, after his streak of bad luck. But then... Kisa walked into his life. He started realizing he was growing feelings again, and was afraid of getting hurt. At a first glance Kisa was very shy, and stuttered a lot when they spoke to each other... But he soon realised how much she cared about him and went out of her way to make him smile. He was trying to find ways to tell her how much it meant to him to finally have someone stay by his side... so he confessed his feelings with a kiss. They're slowly growing closer and closer day by day, and Alo can't see himself ever being apart from her... <3

I'm too lazy to write everyone else right now . ____ . so yeah maybe someday

La- ~Choukolina
For %Tachikawa-High - *crosses fingers*
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Haha Oh how I wish anime boys were real~ //weeps
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