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October 27, 2012
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JOINING WITH :iconangelawl: AND :icontearsofrubies:

Name: Mitzi

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Occupation: Airforce :heart:

:bulletorange: She can... do a pretty good cartwheel :iconwthsparklesplz:
:bulletorange: Expert Adventurer and danger magnetttt~

:bulletorange: Getting lost
:bulletorange: Never looks where she's going doesn't really matter since she's got super bad vision anyways :'D
:bulletorange: Twirls the side strands of her hair all the time :'D

Like/ dislikes:
+ Birds *u*
+ Sheeps/ wool *u*
+ Sunflowers *u*
+ Pumpkin foods *u*
+ Caramel *u*
+ Leaves *u*
+ Hats and people who wear hats too *u*
+ Being taken care of *u* she won't admit it

- Ice D:
- Crowds D:
- Big areas of water D:
- Injuries or headaches D:
- Her Hair D:
- Her vision D:

Personality: Known for her reputation as the dare devil tomboy, She's always looking for something adventurous to do. She loves to go on missions of any sort, searching for fun in every day moments. This often gets her in dangerous situations (she attracts bad things like a magnet) and she is known for being a klutz. She's very straightforward and she won't be afraid to tell you if she dislikes you. With that said, she's super friendly around the people she does like. She's a big ball of outgoingness :'D She's actually very self conscious about the way she looks physically, but she knows how to hide it. She has her head in the clouds, and would much rather be up in the sky then stuck with her feet on the ground.


Mitzi grew up the only child of two loving people. She was a very troublesome child, always full of energy. Always trying to get attention, she would be a real klutz and get into trouble. This is why her parents were very happy when Mitzi and Daichi (the son of a friends family) started spending time together. He became her big brother figure, and for the most part, he kept her out of trouble. The two would often sneak out to watch the stars together, talk about flying in the sky!

One day, she even made a new friend, Harumi! Though she won't admit it, at first she was very jealous of this new girl who made her way into her friendship with her "brother". She even felt like she was trying to steal him from her sometimes eve. She was pretty, smart, a bunch of things that Mitzi herself, was not. She always feared Daichi would leave her for Harumi... but in the end they became the awesome friend trio!

Mitzi's parents approved of whatever choices she made with her life, more or less... Daichi's parent's weren't quite the same. This made her angry. Nobody should try and break other peoples dreams and if they weren't going to support him, she'd just do so herself! By trying hard to help Daichi reach his dream of becoming a pilot.

Before she knew it, his dreams had become her dreams! ( it was her dream all along //kicked ) She was finally able to fly in the skies~! Now she just wants to see how high she can go, how far her dreams will take her.

Additional Info:
:bulletorange: She has messy straw like hair and she's been trying to get it to grow long for ages, but it never does.
:bulletorange: She's my chubby ish girl oc and her weight is the one thing she's very self conscious about, so if you don't want to upset her, avoid bringing up that topic ;7;/
:bulletorange: She's jealous of the pretty skinny girls with all the curves in the right places and the beautiful silky hair ;7;/

:bulletorange: she cant accept compliments people give her because of her low self esteem about her appearance. *7*/
:bulletorange: She likes "real" people not fake ones. (Like people who always try to act nice, polite and charming with no other emotions annoy her and especially people who act all dumb and giggly thinking that's "cute" :'D )
:bulletorange: She can't swim so don't even ask her :'D
:bulletorange: Her vision has decreased significantly but she refuses to get glasses so don't be surprised if she crashes while flying
:bulletorange: She has a pet Owl who I have yet to choose a name for :iconmanlytearsplz:

Theme song cause the trio each needs one :'D [link] <---- She's got her head up in the cloudsssss //kicked
Wanna rp? Just send me a note or comment here~ *7*/ <333
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Eeveelutions95 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2012
aww she's so cute~! :iconluvluvplz:
Adventurer and danger magnet?
sounds like she might get along with Akira-.. but then again Aki is one of those dense clutsy ppl. :'D //shot
MizumiHisui Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2012
Wahh thank you thank you <333 ;v;
Yes yes! They'd get along I'm sureee~ :iconrubcheeksplz: <3
Eeveelutions95 Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2012
we should roleplay sometime~ :iconsadcraiplz:
MizumiHisui Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2012
I'd love to~!! Comments okay~?? :iconcoolplz:
Eeveelutions95 Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2012
yes, please~ QuQ :heart:
u wanna start? ;u;
MizumiHisui Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2012
Sureee~!! :heart:

Mitzi: Sunshineee~ Sunny sunny day~! *happily looking at some shops* What shall I eat today hmm... :iconyuiswayplz:
Eeveelutions95 Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2012
-in the distance you see a girl trying to drag a guy into a clothing shop-

Tristan: B-but Aki-channn~!! >//////<
Akira: Aww come on! It'll be a new experiance~! OuO
MizumiHisui Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2012
Mitzi: Hmmm? *notices the two further away* Wahh~! *decides to follow them, trying her best to be sneaky* clothes store~ e 7 e :iconsparklesplz:
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Hiseki-koi Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2012  Student
DFJKHSKFJSDHF SHE'S SOO CUUTEE <333 loves her clothes >^</
MizumiHisui Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2012
ahdjakkaghjs THANK YOUUUU <3
I love your oc~ Our babies need to meet and rp ;v;
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